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  • Avatar Oxfordshire Plan 2050 - Call for Ideas 2021

    The Oxfordshire Plan will consider opportunities for large-scale housing and employment development, infrastructure projects, environmental schemes/designations and community schemes/developments. This is another opportunity for you to submit ideas. If you previously made a submission to the Call for Ideas in 2019, we still have your submission and it will be assessed through the plan-making process. However, you might want to submit updated or additional information for consideration.

    Open from 30 Jul 2021 to 08 Oct 2021

  • Avatar Oxfordshire Plan 2050 - Call for Ideas

    The Oxfordshire Plan will identify broad areas for economic growth and residential development up to the year 2050. This is an opportunity for the public to present ideas as to where the most suitable places for such development and growth might be.

    Open from 21 Feb 2019 to 12 Apr 2019

  • Avatar Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050

    This is the first part of the Oxfordshire Plan Regulation 18 consultation. The consultation considers the issues that the Oxfordshire Plan should deal with, a vision for the plan and a series of objectives and aspirations to guide the plan to 2050.

    Open from 11 Feb 2019 to 25 Mar 2019

  • Avatar Oxfordshire Plan 2050 - Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report


    Open from 07 Jan 2019 to 25 Mar 2019

  • Avatar Oxfordshire Plan 2050 - Statement of Community Involvement


    Open from 30 Nov 2018 to 11 Jan 2019