Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050

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Agent Andrew Somerville
Response Date 04 Apr 2019

7. To meet the county’s identified housing needs, particularly affordable housing and support our selected economic aspirations:

 the Site is capable of delivering a meaningful number of affordable homes alongside the general market accommodation also needed. Indeed, development approved on Area A is providing a policy compliant 50% level of affordable housing;

 not only is development in the location of the Site able to meet the housing needs of West Oxfordshire, its accessibility to Oxford means it is extremely suited to help meet the city’s current and future unmet need for market and affordable homes; and

the size and location of the Site is capable of accommodating a range of different housing types, tenure and size, along with high quality place making and urban design able to provide its own distinctive character, whilst reinforcing that of Long Hanborough.

8. To ensure that a range of housing options are available that will cater for a variety of needs and are built for adaptability, energy efficiency and to a high quality:

 there are no reasons why development in the location of the Site cannot be responsive and adaptable to meet current and future housing needs of the area, as the demography of local communities change over time. This can happen because the strategic fundamentals of accessibility (through public transport, walking and cycling) without high level constraints are in place; and

 without viability constraints and complexities of town centre locations, development can more readily meet adaptability and energy efficiency standards. As shown by development on Area A, a scheme that fits into the local vernacular, with opportunity to provide a sense of place and community hub focused around the railway station and extensive local facilities in Long Hanborough, can be brought forwards.