Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050

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Response Date 04 Apr 2019

5. To establish the right conditions to sustain and strengthen the role of Oxfordshire in the UK economy by building on our key strengths and assets:

 the strength of Oxfordshire’s economy is recognised by the Consultation; and the need to support and maintain it carries significant weight through the plan making process; and

as the Consultation identifies that having access to sufficient housing that people can afford is key to retaining a competitive workforce, the market and affordable housing development in the location of the Site will directly support economic activity at Hanborough Business Park as well as the wider economy including that within the centre of Oxford through its railway accessibility.

6. To create a prosperous, successful and enterprising economy with benefits felt by all:

 as explained in more detail in respect of other objectives, the development of residential development in the right place (such as the Site), which can provide appropriate levels of affordable housing on relatively unconstrained land in the most accessible locations, will enable the economic prosperity of Oxfordshire to benefit the widest of local communities, to the economic benefit of all.