Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050

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Agent Andrew Somerville
Response Date 04 Apr 2019

3. To improve health and wellbeing by enabling independence, encouraging healthy lifestyles, facilitating social interaction and creating inclusive and safe communities:

 with excellent railway accessibility across the region and local bus links, housing growth in the location of the Site will continue to provide independence of travel for residents who may no longer be able to or wish to drive;

 Long Hanborough has a range of excellent facilities (including a primary school, doctors’ surgery, post office, public houses, village hall, churches and playground) consistent with its higher tier Rural Service Centre status in the Council’s settlement hierarchy, which will facilitate social interaction and coherence;

 other facilities including a sports ground (with tennis, basketball and bowls facilities) and playing fields (with football and cricket pitches), as well as walking routes along extensive public rights of way, will all encourage a healthier lifestyle.

4. To create sustainable communities by providing good access to employment, housing, open space, transport, education, services and facilities to meet identified needs and that respond to the challenges of climate change:

 the range of day to services and amenities to accommodate day to day needs in Long Hanborough are referred to in relation to objective 3, but the fuller range of facilities are presented below:

o primary school

o children’s nursery

o supermarket

o post office

o public houses

o doctors surgery and pharmacy

o hotel

o dentists

o village hall

o sports ground

o playground and playing fields

o post office

o garage/ petrol filling station

o churches