Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050

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Response Date 02 Apr 2019


4.1 The previous sections of this report establish the following:

1. The Government has identified the Cambridge - Milton Keynes - Oxford arc as an economic growth corridor that is fundamental to the future economic success of the United Kingdom.

2. The Government has set out a clear ambition to build upon the emerging successes evident within the arc to ensure that it becomes globally significant (a UK version of ‘Silicon Valley’). It recognises that central to this ambition is the delivery of the homes (up to one million new homes by 2050) and infrastructure necessary to support sustained economic growth within the sub-region and in the areas immediately beyond. This view is shared by the Oxfordshire LPAs, as evidenced by The Oxford-Cambridge Arc: Government Ambition and Joint Declaration issued in March 2019.

3. The Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal (OHGD) demonstrates that the Government and Oxfordshire LPAs recognise that Oxfordshire is a key component within the arc. It is a mechanism that has been agreed to ensure that the housing growth that is necessary realise the Government’s ambitions in respect of the arc is delivered.

4. The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 is a requirement of the Oxfordshire Housing Growth Deal and, as such, its primary purpose is to sustainably facilitate the economic and housing growth that is required to support the Government’s ambitions in respect of the arc.

4.2 Responses to the discussion points in the ‘Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan’ document are set out below. It is important to reiterate that Crest Strategic Projects support the decision to prepare the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 and to adopt a long-term strategic approach to the planning of development within Oxfordshire. All comments are therefore intended to be constructive and are made with the intention of ensuring that the Vision, Objectives and Spatial Strategy are consistent with the context set out above.