Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050

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Agent Michelle Hill
Response Date 27 Mar 2019


1.1 Sworders are acting on behalf of landowners, providing representations for the Oxfordshire Plan 2050. Our Clients collectively own a parcel of land (known as Land east of M40 and west of Nethercote), located on the east side of Banbury; adjacent to the M40 and bounded by Overthorpe Road to the south and the A422 to the north. The site comprises grade 3 agricultural land.

1.2 We wish to make the following representations on the "Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan" consultation and are also instructed to make more detailed representations on the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 "Call for Ideas", which closes on 12th April 2019 and will be submitted under separate cover.

1.3 We wish to comment on the overall vision but particularly to Discussion Point 4 – Potential Spatial Scenarios and Discussion Point 5 – Infrastructure Considerations.


2.1 The Cherwell District Council (CDC) previously considered a large area of the site for potential development in their Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) of 2018. It was described as a strategic ‘urban extension’ (ref: HELAA037).

2.2 CDC’s HELAA described the site as a "Greenfield site outside the built‐up limits." The Council’s commentary on the site was that it was "considered to be unsuitable for residential as the site is adjacent to the strategic road network and the industrial areas on the edge of Banbury".

2.3 However, the Council went on to say that "There could be some potential for employment expansion as it has good links with the employment area to the west of the M40." And that the "Developable area takes into account requirements for landscape, roads and other infrastructure however is subject to other site specific constraints and site investigations. Connectivity with the existing built‐up limits would need to be achieved."

2.4 Whilst currently considered inappropriate for development, our Clients continue to promote their land for development, particularly in view of the potential proposed link road between the M40 at Overthorpe Road to the A422 Hennef Way, Banbury.