Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050

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Response Date 27 Mar 2019

Ainscough Strategic Land are an experienced promoter, delivery agent and supplier of

residential land to a range of house builder bodies across England and Wales. We have wide

ranging experience and involvement in both Plan making and practical housing delivery. We

have interests in the County are pleased to take up the opportunity to comment on the first

stage of the Oxfordshire Plan.

The Plan is an ambitious document both in term (to 2050} and scope (across the six Council

areas) and as such inevitably raises issues over and beyond normal Local Plan

considerations. It is essential that from the outset there is clarity as to its status and scope,

primarily as to whether it is to be a statutory plan in process terms and whether it is to

allocate (rather than identify or indicate) specific sites. Both areas are key to how effective

the Plan will be and both should be clarified in full before the Plan progresses to its next


The two main areas of interest and comment relate firstly to the Aspirations section and

then the Spatial Scenarios section which seeks to deliver against the aspirations. Brief

comments on both sections are set out below.