Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050

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Response Date 27 Mar 2019

We are glad to have the opportunity to comment on the Vision and Aspirations for the plan. We are pleased to see planning ahead to 2050. We welcome the growth in housing and the emphasis on sustainable transport.

Overall we welcome the Vision and support the Aspirations. We would like to see greater precision of language. In particular, we would like to see words like "buses", "coaches", "bus stops/stations" used in place of more nebulous concepts such as "public transport", and "transport hubs". Where novel forms of public transport are envisaged, we would like them to be described so that appropriate infrastructure can be planned.

We welcome the concept of a countywide Strategic Infrastructure Tariff if this will be used to pay for strategic infrastructure that supports bus priority and bus passenger facilities such as bus stops/ stations and attractive walking routes to stops and stations.