Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050

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Response Date 27 Mar 2019

The introductory text provides an overview of the plan-making context in Oxfordshire. It is a little

surprising that there is no mention of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc in the introductory text, given the

importance placed on this project by Central Government, and the significant influence the Arc is

intended to have on the strategy for accommodating development in Oxfordshire in the period to 2050.

We note that whilst three of the authorities in Oxfordshire have up to date Local Plans in place

(Cherwell, West Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse Councils), at the time of writing, South

Oxfordshire Council and Oxford City Council are yet to submit their Local Plans for Examination. We

would therefore suggest that contrary to the commentary in the Introduction (paragraph 3), there

remains some uncertainty over the strategy for accommodating development needs in the early years

of the Oxfordshire Plan 2050.

Given the accelerated timetable for preparation and adoption of the Oxfordshire Plan 2050, it is likely

that the emerging spatial strategy for Oxfordshire will have the opportunity to influence both the South

Oxfordshire Local Plan and the Oxford City Local Plan, prior to adoption. There should be a two-way

relationship, with the strategy proposed in the two emerging Local Plans informing the spatial strategy

in the Oxfordshire Plan 2050, but equally, as the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 progresses, the wider spatial

strategy should be given due weight in the examination of the aforementioned Local Plans.

The introductory text concludes with a brief reference to the interrelationship between future Local

Plans and the framework defined by the Oxfordshire Plan 2050.

We understand the Oxfordshire Plan will only identify broad locations for future development, and not

allocate specific sites, except at the request of the relevant local planning authority. The apparent

intention is that it will be for the subsequent Local Plans to allocate sites. To help ensure delivery of the

Oxfordshire Plan spatial strategy and development aspirations, we strongly believe that the Oxfordshire

Plan should include a mix of broad development locations and specific strategic sites. This would be

appropriate given the length of the Plan period, and would help guard against delivery issues, should

one or more of the local planning authorities be unable or unwilling to update their Local Plan to reflect

the Oxfordshire Plan spatial strategy.