Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050

Aspiration 4 - Improve housing availability and affordability

50 Oxfordshire has very real issues of housing availability and affordability with local people who grew up in the county finding it increasingly difficult to establish themselves in their local area. Key service providers (such as the NHS and schools) and a wide range of employers report difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff due to living costs, and affordability issues mean that for some parts the community both home ownership and renting has become out of reach.

51 A clear aspiration for the Oxfordshire Plan is to try and address these issues, to try and ensure that a wide range of housing options are available and truly affordable to those who want to live and work here; whether that be due to local family ties, because they are employed in key roles in the county or because they recognise what a special place Oxfordshire is.

52 The implication of this aspiration is that the Plan makes provision for the delivery of additional housing beyond the 100,000 provided in current and emerging Local Plans. Even without the Oxfordshire Plan, additional housing will need to be provided in the period up to 2050 and national policy is that plans need to make provision for the housing needs of their area.

Draft Objective 7

To meet the county's identified housing needs, particularly affordable housing and support our selected economic aspirations

Draft Objective 8

To ensure that a range of housing options are available that will cater for a variety of needs and are built for adaptability, energy efficiency and to a high quality