Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050


32 When considering the future of Oxfordshire over such a long timeframe it is important to first make some important choices in terms of the aspirations of the plan based on an understanding of where we are today and what is proposed in current and emerging Local Plans. At this stage of the process in producing the Oxfordshire Plan we are keen to explore those aspirations to ensure that the underlying assumptions for the policies are sound and reflect the needs and desires of the communities of the people of the county.

33 Each of these aspirations would offer real benefits to future generations if embraced in the plan. Some of them however if taken to the extreme, or taken in isolation, would also likely result in real issues or have knock-on impacts for other elements of the plan.

34 These are not simple either /or choices. They interlink and in some cases, are interdependent on each other. As with all complex planning issues there are choices to be made and balances that need to be struck. It is likely that different degrees of these aspirations, in combination, will be required and difficult decisions need to be made between them.

35 We are keen to explore these issues so that we can decide where the appropriate balances may lie. The discussion on aspirations will lead to some objectives for the plan; below draft objectives are suggested and we welcome views on those.