Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050

Health and wellbeing context

21 The health of people in Oxfordshire and life expectancy is generally better than the England average although there are significant issues. The population is ageing and the number of people living with chronic and complex diseases is increasing. There are also inequalities of health and wellbeing across the county. Those in the most deprived areas of the county have poorer health and lower levels of life satisfaction and lower life expectancy.

22 In terms of living healthy lifestyles, statistics show that Oxfordshire's residents have higher levels of physical activity and lower levels of adult obesity and smoking than the England averages although there are clearly still issues to be addressed. Ease of access to healthcare provision varies across the county; in rural areas this can be difficult for less mobile residents.

23 The cluster of hospitals in Oxford link clinical practice strongly with university research, which means cutting-edge clinical practice is available to residents albeit difficult to access due to congestion and accessibility issues. Primary healthcare is under pressure across the whole country, including Oxfordshire. A growing and ageing population means that access to primary healthcare will be increasingly important. The Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group published the Oxfordshire Primary Care Framework in 2017 sets out a model of primary and community care, to ensure it remains effective. It is focused on the roles general practice should play in the community, including supporting public health initiatives and promoting schemes which reduce variation in health inequalities.