Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050

Quality of life context

6 Oxfordshire is generally regarded as a high quality place to live. The attractive environment, accessible countryside, good employment prospects, high educational attainment, long life expectancy, safety and security, cultural richness and access to services and facilities are all factors which contribute to the quality of life in Oxfordshire.

7 Oxfordshire or individual Oxfordshire authorities frequently perform very highly in rankings that aim to measure quality of life. The Office of National Statistics collects data on people's self-assessed levels of life satisfaction, worth, happiness and anxiety. In 2017/18 the average ranking of Oxfordshire's residents is 7.87 out of 10 for life satisfaction, compared to a South East average of 7.76 and an England average of 7.68.

8 There are areas of deprivation however, with notable differences in life opportunities and quality of life even within relatively small geographic areas. In those more deprived areas (which can be found in each of the districts of Oxfordshire) residents often have lower wages and skills, educational attainment is lower and health is poorer. There are usually combinations of factors causing such inequalities to exist between areas.