Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050


1 The Oxfordshire Plan will cover the administrative county area of Oxfordshire. This will comprise the local planning authorities of:

  • Cherwell District Council
  • Oxford City Council
  • South Oxfordshire District Council
  • Vale of White Horse District Council
  • West Oxfordshire District Council

2 In 2018 the Oxfordshire authorities signed the Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal with the government. In return for guaranteed funding for affordable housing, infrastructure and economic growth, the Oxfordshire authorities have committed to submit a Local Plan for each district, to plan for the delivery of 100,000 new homes to 2031 (through those Local Plans) and to produce the Oxfordshire Plan. The scope of the Oxfordshire Plan was developed in the Scoping Document which was agreed by the partner authorities in October 2018 and endorsed by the Oxfordshire Growth Board

3 The Growth Deal commits to an Oxfordshire Plan that covers the period to 2050. This is a significantly longer period than is typical with a Local Plan and is important in this strategic context. A significant amount of joint work across the Oxfordshire authorities has already taken place which has fed into the current and emerging round of Local Plans. These Local Plans cover the period from 2011 to 2031, 2034 or 2036. There is therefore a good deal of detail and certainty around that period as plans are well advanced. The latter period of the Oxfordshire Plan to 2050 will be based on a new evidence base produced specifically for the project. Future Local Plans will sit within the framework defined by the Oxfordshire Plan.